Armasight is a product line of FLIR Outdoor and Tactical Systems™, which is a world leading provider of precision Night Vision & Thermal sporting, hunting, and military optics products. The Armasight Night Vision devices including Night Vision Scopes, Goggles and advanced Infrared Thermal Imaging Solutions, provide the ability to better serve hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, first responders, police, and military with advanced day and night capabilities.

Armasight and FLIR Outdoor and Tactical Systems™ are well known for improving the enjoyment of being outdoors for outdoor enthusiasts.  They have also been a great benefit to the military by allowing military users to detect, recognize and identify targets at any time of day or night from extreme ranges.  Two of Armasight’s most popular products are the Armasight Zeus Thermal Scope, Armasight Nemesis Night Vision Scope.

Want to take a closer look at Armasight Night Vision and Armasight Thermal?  Here are a few Armasight reviews:

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