Armasight ARFS5 – Advanced Range Finding Stadia for 5x A-Focal Lens

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The Armasight Advanced Range Finding Stadia (ARFS) is an innovative means for adding a passive range-finding capability to your image intensified night vision or low-light digital imaging device. The creative application of reticle projection into the objective lens to display a scaled stadia range-finding device demonstrates the established legacy of Armasight to leverage proven optical concepts into new and useful tools for professional operators. The ARFS is offered in three different sizes to ensure a solution for most objective lenses and magnifiers. The removable ARFS module permits the user to remove the stadia rangefinder for use on other equipment or to restore the device to an unobscured field of view. ARFS is an optical projection attachment for night vision devices (NVD). The ARFS mounts to either the objective lens or afocal magnifier of a night vision device. The built-in illuminated universal stadia range finder allows for accurate target measurements and range estimates.


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