Firefield NVRS Tactical 2.5×50 with Internal Focusing

$719.99 $599.97


The Firefield NVRS Tactical 2.5×50 with Internal Focusing night vision scope is a professional-quality device designed to provide high quality viewing in nearly total darkness. Many active night vision devices require an artificial infrared light source. The NVRS-F is a passive starlight device: it does NOT require any artificial light source.

The NVRS-F does include a powerful infrared illuminator that is useful when the subject to be viewed is in shadows or total darkness. The NVRS-F consists of a sophisticated electro-optical assembly contained in an extremely durable titanium housing. The entire unit is ruggedized for extreme field conditions.

It is entirely self-contained and can operate for up to 50 hours at temperatures ranging from -22F to +104F ( -30C ~ +40C ). Your NVRS-F scope is ideal for a wide variety of professional and recreational uses including: • Wildlife observation • Security • Search and rescue • Nighttime photo/video



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